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Why 2020 is the year of Digital Opportunities?

Although, 2020 has been a really very tough year already for the entire planet and therefore the world is yet to get over the pain we've been through within the past few months and the situation still remains getting worse.

COVID-19 crisis proved to be one of the most dangerous situations in the whole world, the whole world was shut down and there were hardly any parts of the planet left where it didn’t show its wrath.

Many lost their lives and lots of are still battling the disease, its a nightmare and other people got locked down in their houses, which was probably the sole solution for the entire world to be safe from the deadly invisible disease walking around and amongst us.

But, as you say the show must continue it happened precisely the same way. Even though the retail and physical businesses were struggling there was a category that was booming which is the digital entrepreneurship.

Many took the advantage of the situation and were still minting money, people were locked at home and had nothing to do. Everyone who was used to go out was itching to do something or the opposite. This is where digital business models made money.

Needless to mention about the web streaming and social media engagement, almost everyone with a smartphone was either NETFLIX and chilling or learning something online with digital courses.

These few months have changed the whole digital ecosystem. People are now making use of their smartphones to try to do something productive.

If I mention myself, I personally invested heavily in learning new skills online and established my entire online business during the lockdown phase. Yes, people were disappointed initially but on the other hand, they learned the way to accept it and began with something or the other.

The Business Point of View:

Whenever the world gets into a crisis it also brings a lot of opportunities for the entrepreneurs to bring something new, new business models, new revenue models and new perspectives.

We often mention CHANGE is the only constant and yes it's true. The only change is permanent. Things will change with time and we can not just stop the change around us. What we will do is we've to change and evolve with time and therefore the situations put ahead of us.

And this is often what exactly is occurring within the digital ecosystem.

New business models have inherited a lot of decoded ways of creating money online, not that it was not happening before but it is happening more than ever before and it'll be growing continuously.

E-LEARNING has become the centre of the digital industry and other people are learning online more than ever before. This industry is booming like anything and other people are investing In learning heavily.

Digital entrepreneurs are coming up with several new digital products noticing the rise in demand.

This is the time to explore and get into this digital entrepreneurship game, why? Because people have developed a way of online platforms and now they are addicted to digital media as they were not ever before.

If you understand social media platforms now and can invest time for it, you can definitely make money out of it.

Social media and whole digital space have become the land of opportunities, there’s tons of gold around you just need to see it.

At last to conclude, if you're struggling entrepreneur this is a chance for you, there’s an enormous gap within the society now and also there'll be loads of pain points around us that are waiting to be resolved and that’s what entrepreneurs do, they simply solve the issues around.

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