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Payments Date Schedule Of Facebook Ad Breaks Explained

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

This can be very confusing when you don’t know when you are going to receive your payments for next month. And with facebook nothing is obvious.

For some reason, Facebook wants to keep us guessing and will not provide clear answers to most of the questions. Whatever you ask they will provide you links that have general information rather than the specific information that you might be looking for and, this blog post is specifically for Facebook ad break payments. So if you're running Facebook ad breaks on your Facebook page and are expecting the finalized earnings that a minimum of assures you what amount you'll receive then the date for finalized earnings is this.

Earnings are finalized on 7th of every month.

You can see your finalized earnings in your payments account. To view your finalized earnings clicks on the menu near the interrogation point symbol. Now click payments in the bottom of the left of the screen. Now click payout hud and then earnings. Here you can see you finalized earnings as the pending amount.

Finalized earnings are released on the 21st of each month by Facebook as per Facebook itself.

But the above condition of releasing payments isn't necessarily correct as Facebook actually releases the payments before promised. This is true as soon as our personal experience is concerned. When we contacted Facebook about the discharge of ad breaks payments, we were told the 21st of each month. But actually, the payment was released by Facebook on the 15th. So it’s safe to say

What to try to If You Don’t Receive Your Ad Breaks Payment ?

The questions which I received most were regarding the late release of their payment or not receiving their ad breaks payments thus far. The users informed that its over 16th of the month and they did not receive their payments yet.

If you read my article above in which I did confirm the dates provided by Facebook regarding the release of ad breaks payment.

In which I confirmed the official release to be 21st of each month. So probably I was just lucky to receive the payment earlier than 21st and you should stick to the actual payment date provided by Facebook. If there's any new update regarding this then we'll surely update it here.

Got questions? Just ask and I will reply and update the post accordingly.

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