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3 Proven Ways To Make Money With Social Media

Updated: Feb 5

Being a social media marketer myself I see the potential of social media today, I consider social media to be the most powerful tool of modern times which can change everything around you very rapidly.

I mostly talk about things that I have experienced personally, I have been helping various clients with their content creation strategy on social media for a long time now. Not that I didn’t know what social media is capable of but what I experienced was way ahead of my imagination.

We are living the times when people are continuously streaming on social media be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. All these platforms are directly competing with television and hence the design of these platforms is such that they will keep you engaged with it which could also affect your personal life.

A smartphone combined with social media is the most lethal weapon today and the uses are infinite. If used correctly. But how to use it correctly ??

Here are the 3 proven ways that can help you earn money on social media:


Let me explain what affiliate marketing is to you in very simple words.

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s products and earning commissions on it.

Isn’t it the most simplest ways to start earning some money and also to generate some positive cash flow in our bank account.

That’s the reason I have kept affiliate marketing at no 1.

No matter what industry you’re in, you'll find great products to market on ClickBank. And if that doesn’t quite jive with you, you can also become an Amazon Associate, promote products of your choosing and earn commissions on them — Amazon has no shortage of products.

So, build an audience on social media and if you already have an audience start affiliate marketing and generate some passive income.


This is the era of E-learning and undoubtedly INDIA is the biggest market for it.

As we already know that E-learning is multi-billion dollar industry now, like after the COVID crisis it's booming like anything, India’s Byjus has already become worlds biggest ed-tech company. So start working on your own courses and programs and start selling online. Nothing better than this.

Social media is a great place to generate leads for your consulting business it has helped me a lot for lead generation. It doesn't matter whether you’re a guitar teacher or a life coach or a marketing consultant like me, if you've got demonstrated expertise in a specific area, you'll create more interest for your services by connecting with your target customer on social media.

Coaching sessions are often conducted over Skype or Zoom, so this can be definitely a chance to generate money without leaving home.

Consulting is often a great deal of profit, so remember not to undercut yourself — charge a good price for some time and energy.

This strategy also can add unison with selling information products, as people who want your advice are more likely to have an interest in the ebooks and courses you’ve created.


There are many opportunities for you to share sponsored posts that promote the products and services of other businesses. Lots of local brands are looking forward to building their social media presence but they are stuck at the management part because it takes time and a certain level of dedication.

There are tons of companies seeking someone to handle their social media presence. This is really a direct way of earning money from social media.

Learn how to use social media platforms to good effect and start charging people for your services.

You just have to make sure that you do the task in time and this can prove to be a very good business model to earn money from, for the beginners.

So if you are just passed out of school and you are looking for some extra money from social media start with social media management.

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