Do you want to make your Personal Brand Game Strong?

I am Mohd Altamash, I am a designer turned entrepreneur, Digital Marketing practitioner, Social Media Strategist, Personal Branding, and Growth Consultant.

If you are a Business Owner, Service Provider or Building your Personal Brand, I can elevate your marketing and branding strategy and help you establish an authority in the internet space.

I invested heavily in myself and learning and this is when I started learning the skill of marketing, there was always something about marketing and branding that pulled me towards it.

The involvement demands I was always this kind of person. I failed in my startups and we had to shut down but marketing and personal branding stayed with me. 

Being a designer I love creating personalized content, content creation is close to my heart, I create content and I express myself through my content. 

I started as a freelancer, I have worked with many clients ever since I have learned marketing and branding. I have helped people and brands create kick-ass marketing and personal strategy for their products, services, and personal brands.

I am a dedicated learner and I believe in helping people in any possible way I can. I am here to help people or brands prepare a personalised digital pitch for personal or corporate branding.  I constantly keep pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved, utilizing innovative techniques to drive growth online. Therefore I deliver exceptional results for my ambitious clients. I am consistently helping people by spreading knowledge through my content.



Let's Join Hands and Take Your Marketing and Branding to Next Level

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